Faith Cheltenham

Faith Cheltenham

Faith, as BiNets President

Faith Cheltenham put a lot of emphasis on networking, campaigning, and drawing attention to the underrepresented. To finally make funding viable, it created communities, administration, and partnerships with bisexuals and bisexual resources. She made sure that BiNet participated in bringing together bisexuals in the USA while battling the stigma associated with the identify. Because she thinks others feel safe talking to her about coming out, Faith believes her activism has helped individuals develop a strong sense of compassion. If she can help reach others on a more personal basis, she has changed.

Following Faith Cheltenham's backstory, it's evident that she's had a remarkable impact on the LGBT community.

Due to her dedication and hard work, she was appointed to the university of California LGBT+ Task Force in 2012. In addition, she produced content for the online and social media in an effort to educate and persuade more people about the inclusion of LGBT+ individuals in communities. Faith actively participated in her sector, which enabled her to learn about many rights and initiatives. Later, she helped co-found UCLA, a school specifically for students of African ancestry who identify as LGBT+.

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